Letters to The Editors

Chinese Eyes On Nathu La 19th July 1969

‘Gains’ of emergency 4th March 1977

Naval Might 9th April 1978

The role of the Navy 11th January 1979

Dealing with China 12th February 1979

Jammu agitation 6th April 1979

Russia’s Motives 16th-31st January 1981

Crux of defence cost 22nd June 1982

Army leadership 12th September 1983

The cost of defence 12th March 1984

Role of Vikrant 17th April 1984

Jammu Identity 21st April 1984

India and the NPT 4th July 1985

Aircraft Carriers 13th December 1986

The hopes and doubts 28th March 1989

Our Foreign Policy 11th April 1989

The Shri Lanka Q 18th May 1989

Retreat from Siachen 15th July 1989

An unforgettable September 9th September 1989

Why Cong (I) must go 3rd October 1989

Wrong conclusion 30th January 1990

No meddling in Nepal 7th March 1990

Kashmir perspective 3rd April 1990

Pak Propaganda 29th May 1990

Art of saying nothing 29th June 1991

The IMF bogey 10th August 1991

Kashmir Solution 24th August 1991

Nehru’s blunders 28th October 1991

The Kashmir Q 13th November 1991

Secularism – a la Congress 29th December 1991

BJP’s Ekta Yatra 21st January 1992

In defence of Ekta Yatra 25th February 1992

Coping with US ban 23rd May 1992

Azadi to Kashmiris 27th May 1992

China’s Compulsions 3rd September 1992

Indo-Pak  Balance of Power 12th September 1992

Chinese Motives 5th October 1992

Dirty Politics 1st-15th October 1992

Insurgency in Kashmir 20th April 1993

Kashmir Solution 19th May 1993

Secular Disdain 12th June 1993

Empty Promises 17th April 1995

Learning Lessons 24th May 1995

J&K political package 22nd November 1995

Foreign Investments 23rd November 1995

Autonomy Abused 21st September 1996

Lean and Mean 27th September 1996

No J&K mandate for autonomy 5th October 1996

Butter Vs Guns 5th October 1996

India-China War 31st May 1997

Nuclear Policy 22nd July 1997

A clear case of sour grapes 5th December 1997

Friends & Foes 14th May 1999

Suggestion sans substance 10th April 2000

Kashmiri’s are not for Pakistan 26th September 2000

Threat exists 4th January 2001

Kashmir-speak 10th February 2001

Preposterous proposition 4th July 2001

To cut the Gordian knot 6th July 2001

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