By K Brahma Singh


Colonel Bhagwan Singh, son of Th Kashmir Singh of Sochani village, was a Karma Yogi in the truest sense, being bothered only about his Karma and not the fruit. His motto was “Trust in God and do the right” and he did exactly that. During his military service professional competence, acquired through hard work, sharp intellect and the great urge to excel in whatever he did, was his hallmark.



Some popular articles by Col Bhagwan Singh

Col Bhagwan Singh (left) seated with Maharaja Hari Singh at Cairo

Maj. Gen. JF Evetts GOC 6 Div Middle East Forces in a letter to Maharaja Hari Singh


“It is unnecessary for me to state that a unit with such a standard must be commanded by an unusually good Officer. Lt Col Bhagwan Singh besides being an exceptionally charming Officer is, in my opinion, an excellent commander from whom one can expect the closest cooperation in the most trying circumstances.”

Signed Major General JF Evetts

Maharaja of Jammu & Kashmir in a letter to Lt Col Bhagwan Singh


“In laying stress upon a point of principle you have done what every officer wearing the badges of my Army should do. You have shown self respect worthy of being an officer of my Army. But in having talked the way you appear to have done, and written as frankly and pointedly as I see from the copy of your representation, you have already done your part. Having acquitted yourself so nobly, you must not take the extreme step. The threat towards the   end of your representation is of a piece in line you have consistently maintained ever since you  went to Secunderabad. You know that your effort has brought substantial gain to the Officers and units of other States also and your manly conduct will not in the end prove unavailing. But you must not over-look the exigencies of war.”

Signed Maharaja Hari Singh